Monkey Go Happy Marathon Walkthrough – Levels 16-30

Level 16 – Battleship

  1. Click on the ship to activate the guns.
  2. Target and shoot down 4 airplanes.

Level 17 – High Speed Chase

  1. Click on the “Drive Slow” sign to remove it.
  2. Place the sign with the nails pointing up onto the road to stop the speeding criminal.

Level 18 – Ice Fishing

  1. Locate the ice pick next to the tree and click on it to pick it up.
  2. Use the ice pick on the ice to create a hole.

Level 19 – Save the Egg

  1. Pick up the branch by clicking on it.
  2. Using the branch, tap the nest to reach the egg.

Level 20 –Balloon Pop Bonus Round

  1. Move your cursor over the bubbles to accumulate a higher score. (tip: bigger bubbles give more score points)

Level 21 – Race Car Building

  1. Click each race car part to drag them to the appropriate location in the grey car outline.

Level 22 – Bird Cage Drop

  1. Click the large cage to drop it.
  2. Click the medium size cage to drop it.
  3. Click the small cage to drop it.
  4. All cages need to be lowered at the same time to open the door.

Level 23 –Dancing Snake

  1. Find and pick up the key located on the windowsill by clicking on it.
  2. Use the key to open the door.
  3. Pick up the flute.
  4. Use the flute on the basket.

Level 24 – Monkey Wrench Puzzle

  1. Turn all of the puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle.

Level 25 –Color Matching

  1. Click on the telescope to view the rooftops.
  2. Match the colors and symbols inside the colored squares on the chest. (Example: Green to green.)

Level 26 – Jousting

  1. Click on the knight so he lowers his joust and you win the game!

Level 27 –Fruit Drop

  1. Click on the leaf to pick it up.
  2. Place the leave in the water.
  3. Click on the fruit so that it drops onto the leaf.

Level 28 – Shoot the bottles

  1. Click on the rifle to pick it up.
  2. Click on the bottles to shoot them down.

Level 29 – Bubble Pop Bonus Round

  1. Move your cursor over the bubbles to pop them for additional score points.

Level 30 – Elevator Puzzle

Scene 1

  1. Find the roman numerals on the posters on each floor.
  2. Go to floor 2.

Scene 2

  1. Complete the code on the second floor using the roman numerals from each floors posters.
    1. Blue Roman numeral (V) on the third floor is 5.
    2. Yellow Roman numeral (IV) on second floor is 4.
    3. Red Roman numeral (II) on first floor is 2.
    4. Code is 542
    5. Pick up the key by clicking on it.
    6. Go to third floor.

Scene 3

  1. Click on the box to find the ball.
  2. Pick up the ball by clicking on it.
  3. Go back to first floor.

Scene 4

  1. Using the key, click on the cage to open.
  2. Use the ball to lure the kitten out of the cage.

You have now completed ever level of Monkey Go Happy Marathon! Congratulations!! 

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