Monkey Go Happy Marathon Game

Monkey Go Happy Marathon is a fun point-and-click puzzle game featuring a cute, sad monkey. The object of this game is to complete each of the 30 puzzles to make the monkey happy! Can you complete each puzzle?

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There are a few settings available that the user may choose to adjust. If you do not like the music, you may toggle it so that the music is muted. You may also select the graphics quality: high, medium, or low. The low setting enables players with poor internet connection and poor graphics cards to still enjoy playing the game!


Children can choose how their character looks! When you first start the game, you can select from four different monkeys: a baby monkey, a toddler monkey, an older child monkey, and an “old man” monkey. Each monkey has their own funny happy dance when you successfully complete each level.

Once you have chosen which monkey you want to play, you can customize it even further by choosing one of the 24 hats for him to wear! Hat options include:

  • Baseball Cap
  • Pirate Hat
  • Joker’s Hat
  • Top Hat
  • And many more

Puzzle Levels

The puzzle levels start out pretty easy, and get progressively harder the more you play. Here’s an example of the first 7 levels, and what you must do to complete each:

  • Level 1 – Make the Venus Fly Trap plant eat the fly buzzing around the room. To do this, you must click on the plant when the fly is directly above the plant.
  • Level 2 – Burn the toast. To do this, you first need to open the bread box, remove a piece of bread, and put it in the toaster. Then, you must press the toaster lever down a few times to get the bread nice and black. Watch your little monkey do his “happy dance” when you’ve successfully completed the level!
  • Level 3 – Your monkey has accidentally let his pet mouse out of his cage. You must quickly capture the mouse scurrying around on the floor, and place him in his exercise ball. This one is tricky – that little mouse is fast!
  • Level 4 – Your monkey lives on a farm where he raises donkeys. His donkey needs to be fed some hay. You need to use the pitchfork to pick up some hay and place the hay in the feeder.
  • Level 5 – Your monkey did a bad thing in school, and had to write the rule he broke on the chalkboard several times. Now, the teacher is gone. Make your monkey erase the chalkboard and help him draw a large banana on the chalkboard before the teacher returns!
  • Level 6 – Your monkey went on a mysterious treasure hunt adventure and has found a secret door! Find the shapes scattered throughout the room and place them in the door. When you have successfully matched each shape to the correct hole, click the center to open the door and reveal what’s inside!
  • Level 7 – Back on your monkey’s farm, he needs to collect the eggs from the hen and place them in the basket. But he needs your help! Can you open the chicken coop door, move the hen out of the way, and collect the eggs from its nest to place them in the basket?

After every 9 levels, there is a bonus round. During the bonus round, you need to click on the bubbles to pop them in order to gain a higher score! The bigger bubbles offer higher points!


Did you get stuck?

If you get stuck on a particular puzzle level, don’t worry! There are informational walkthroughs available with step-by-step directions on how to complete each level, as well as a video walkthrough available on YouTube.

System Requirements

To play this game, your computer must have the latest Adobe Flash Player.

Age Appropriate

This game is suitable for children ages 5 and up.