Monkey Go Happy Marathon 6

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 6 is the sixth version in the Monkey Go Happy Marathon series of online flash puzzle games.

This version offers many new features, customizations, and more challenging puzzles than the previous 5 versions.Your objective is to make your monkey happy by completing every puzzle level in the game. Are you up to the challenge?



Monkey Go Happy Marathon 6 includes many of the same features and customization options as in the previous versions. However, in this edition, each customization category features a few new selections or more choices than previous version. For instance, you still have the option to choose your monkey: Mommy monkey, Daddy monkey, Baby monkey, Toddler monkey, Teen monkey, Grandma monkey, and Grandpa monkey. You can also choose what hat, shoes and mask your monkey wears, however there are now 36 hat options, 30 shoe options, and 24 mask options.

One of the main differences is that for each category, only the first two choices are “free”. All others must be earned by scoring high. Your score points can convert into game coins to use to purchase new outfit accessories.


Monkey Go Happy Marathon offers 40 different puzzle levels! That’s four more than the previous version! Every 10 levels is a bonus round, where you can score even higher points, which you can then convert to coins to spend on more accessories!

The last puzzle – level 40 – is the most difficult one… and the longest puzzle of all. In this level, you have five different puzzle rounds to successfully complete. You must complete all five rounds, three times each to beat the game.

At the end of level 40, the points you have earned in this round can qualify you to have your game name shown on the Leadership Board – showing off your skills! The leadership board rankings is based on the scores of players who have completed level 40 successfully. It does not take the total score of levels 1-39 into account.

System Requirements

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 6 requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to run smoothly with less lag problems.

Setting Options

  • Toggle Music On/Off
  • Toggle Sound Effects On/Off
  • Toggle Graphics Quality High/Medium/Low

It is recommended to use either the low or medium graphics quality settings if your computer has a poor video card or weak internet signal.



Are you ready?

So, are you up for the challenge of this highly addictive, entertaining puzzle game?