Monkey Go Happy Marathon 5

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 5 is the fifth edition of the Monkey Go Happy Marathon series and is packed with additional features and harder puzzles! In this point and click puzzle game, your job is to complete each puzzle successfully to make your monkey happy again.

Are you up to the challenge?




Choose Your Monkey


  • Mommy Monkey
  • Daddy Monkey
  • Baby Monkey
  • Toddler Monkey
  • Teen Monkey
  • Grandpa Monkey
  • Grandma Monkey

Monkey Hats – there are 36 hat options to choose from, including:

  • Nurse’s Hat
  • Sailor’s Hat
  • Fruit Basket Hat
  • Furry Hat

Monkey Shoes – there are 28 shoe choices, including:

  • Nurse Shoes
  • Swimming Flippers
  • Banana-shaped Shoes
  • Fuzzy Slippers

New in this edition is the option to have your monkey wear a fun mask! There are 20 masks to choose from, including cat, dog, Super Mario, and Pokémon.



There are 36 levels in Monkey Go Happy Marathon 5 – each more difficult than the last. Here is a brief overview of the first few levels, to give you an idea of what to expect and what you need to do to complete them.

            Level 1 – Deer Hunting. Your monkey wants to go deer hunting, but he is having a hard time finding a deer! Help your monkey find and shoot a deer by locating the rifle, finding the deer hiding in the bushes, and shooting it.

Level 2 – Seek-and-Find Word Puzzle. Your monkey has been tasked with finding 5 words in a Seek-and-Find puzzle. Help make your monkey happy again by finding all 5 words in the puzzle.

Level 3–Carnival Ball Dunk Game – Your monkey went to the carnival and wants to win a goldfish as a new pet! However, he’s sad; he can’t seem to dunk a ball in the fish bowls full of water! Help your monkey dunk 5 balls into the fish bowls and win him a goldfish!

Level 4 – Your monkey has been invited to a sleep-over party with their friends! The game of the night is Twister. Your monkey is sad because she keeps falling. Help your monkey win the Twister game by placing the correct hand on the correct color that is called, without falling. (Tip: this level is a timed level, so hurry!)

This gives you an idea of how some of the earlier levels are, and the difficulty level of them. Every level after this gets much harder, until you reach the final level – 36. Every 12th level is a bonus level. To complete the bonus level, you must use the rifle to shoot balloons to pop them. The bigger balloons offer more points!

Level 36 is extremely hard because it is made up of 3 separate rounds. You must complete all three rounds three times each in order to beat the game!



System Requirements

In order to play Monkey Go Happy Marathon 5 with minimal lag, your computer system needs to have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed.


There are several setting options you can select or deselect to make the gaming experience more enjoyable.

  • Toggle Music On/Off
  • Toggle Sound Effects On/Off
  • Toggle Graphics Quality High/Medium/Low

It is recommended for users with poor internet connection and poor graphics cards to use the low or medium graphics quality setting for an optimal gaming and reduced lag experiences.



Help!! I’m stuck!

If you reach a level that you can’t figure out how to win, there are video walkthroughs available on YouTube that will show you exactly how to beat each level and where any hidden objects could be lurking. There are also walkthroughs available on various websites that have step-by-step written directions on how to complete each level.

Good luck!