Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3 is an interactive, click-to-play puzzle game. It is the third part of the Monkey Go Happy Marathon series. It features a cute, sad monkey you need to cheer up by completing each puzzle. There are 30 levels available to play, each harder than the previous level.

Can you make the monkey happy?



As previously mentioned, there are 30 levels available in this interactive puzzle game – each progressively harder than the last. For instance, in level one, to make your monkey happy again, all you need to do is catch a fish. To do this, simply click on the fishing rod’s reel.

In level two, you need to pick up the sticks from in the yard, put them into the wood chipper, and pull the lever to turn the chipper on to begin chipping each stick.

Level three is a little trickier! In this level, you need to find the gallon of gas to fill up the chainsaw. Then, start the chainsaw and cut down the tree trunk. Once the trunk is chopped down, click on it to place it in the bed of the truck.

Level four gets a little harder. In this level, you need to cheer up your monkey with a magic act! Click on the magic box to open it, then remove the hat from the box and place it on the table. Then, pick up the magic wand and tap the wand on the hat. A furry little rabbit pops out of the hat to cheer up your sad monkey.

In level five, your monkey is playing a slot machine game and is sad because he doesn’t have any coins to play! Help your monkey by finding coins throughout the room and placing them in the slot machine. Then, pull the lever to play the slot machine game. Keep doing this until you win the game for your monkey. It may take a few tries!

In level six, your monkey is shivering cold, and sad. Stoke the fire with a tool in the room to make the fire bigger and hotter to warm up your cold little friend.

Level seven is an explosion of fun! In this level, you must help your monkey save a building that is about to be blown up by bombs. There are several bombs scattered throughout the screen, and you must snub them all out so they don’t explode. To do this, hurry and click on each one!

There are several other levels, however we don’t want to spoil your fun! We will say this though, when you reach level 30, you’re in for a mind blowing experience! Level 30 has 3 different parts. Just as you finish the third part of this level, and think you are done, you are redirected back to the first part to start over again! You will need to complete each part twice in order to successfully complete this last level.

Bonus Rounds

Every 10 levels is a bonus round. In the bonus round, you need to quickly pop as many bubbles as you can to gain an even higher score!


If you get stuck on a level, no problem! There are several walkthroughs you can find on Google to help you out. Some walkthroughs will be wrote out in a step-by-step format, including screenshots of each level. You can also find video walkthroughs available on YouTube.



There are a few settings available for the user to adjust to allow the gaming experience to be more enjoyable. If you don’t care for the sound effects and music, you may mute it within the game. Additionally, if you don’t have a very good internet connection, or a poor graphics card on your computer, you may choose from 3 graphics settings: high, medium, and low.


Monkey Go Happy allows the user to customize the character. There are 5 different monkeys you can choose between: a baby monkey, a toddler monkey, a Mommy monkey, a Daddy monkey, and a Grandpa monkey.

Additionally, you can select a hat for your monkey to wear from the 28 hat options available. Choices include a Native American Head Dress, a crown, a cowboy hat, a bow, a party hat, and many more.