Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2


Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2 is a fun, interactive point-and-click puzzle solving Flash game. The main character is a cute monkey, who is very sad.

Make the monkey happy by completing each of the 30 puzzles!



There are 30 levels to complete; each level containing one or more puzzles. Each puzzle is more difficult than the last. Here is an example of the first seven levels, and how to complete them.

  • Level 1 – Sheer the Sheep. Your monkey owns a sheep, and it is time to sheer it. The sheer shed door is closed, though. Open the sheer shed door, then direct the sheep into the shed to be sheered.
  • Level 2 – Bus Stop. Your monkey sees a child waiting on the side of the road for a school bus. But the school bus doesn’t come! Your monkey needs to make a bus stop sign to signal a school bus to come for this sad child. Open the briefcase, find a piece of paper. Use the paper to cover the speed limit sign, then open the book bag and find a pencil. Use the pencil to write “bus stop” on the paper, and watch how happy the child and your monkey become when the school bus finally arrives.
  • Level 3 –Send the Alien Home. Your monkey stumbles across an empty alien spaceship. But where’s the alien? Find the alien hiding in the bushes, then hurry to capture him. Once you’ve caught him, place him inside his spaceship and close the glass door to send him back home.
  • Level 4 – Your monkey has found a goat who is trapped at the edge of a cliff. The goat needs to reach the other side of the cliff. You must come up with a way to help this poor goat get to the other side! Find some barbed wire in the bush near you and place it in the bush behind the goat. Then, click on the goat to make him move. He will try to get a little running start, but then the barbed wire will poke him and he will jump – making him leap far enough to reach the other side.
  • Level 5 – The Western Shootout. Your monkey has been called out at high noon to have a shootout with the meanest guy in town. Grab the gun next to you and quickly shoot the bad guy before he has a chance to shoot back!
  • Level 6 – A Game of Baseball. Your monkey is playing a game of baseball with a child. Find the catcher’s mitt and quickly catch the ball after the child has hit it with his bat!
  • Level 7 – The Treehouse. Your monkey has found the perfect tree to build a treehouse! Help your monkey build the treehouse by finding the dog house and latter. Then, place the dog house at the top of the tree, and place the latter next to the tree to allow your monkey to climb up to his new treehouse!

After every nine levels, there is a bonus round available. During the bonus round, you need to pop the bubbles by clicking on them. The more bubbles you pop, the higher your score will be!


If you get stuck on a level, there are walkthroughs available to help you. You can find walkthroughs that show screenshots of the levels with step-by-step instructions on how to complete each level, or you can find walkthrough videos on YouTube to show you exactly what you need to do to pass each level of the game.

System Requirements

Monkey Go Happy Marathon is a flash game, and requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to work properly.


There are a few setting options available that the user can adjust to make playing the game easier and more enjoyable. They include:

  • Toggle Music On/Off
  • Toggle Graphics Quality High/Medium/Low


When you first begin playing the game, you have a few options for customizing your character. First, you can select from 4 monkeys: a baby monkey, a toddler monkey, a “big kid” monkey, or a grandpa monkey. Each monkey has a special happy dance he performs when you successfully complete each puzzle.

Once you have selected the monkey of your choice, you can then choose a hat for him to wear. There are 24 hat options to choose from, including a cowboy hat, a fruit hat, a bear head hat, a graduation cap, and many more.